How to: cleaning and decluttering the office desk in minutes

Your office is where you live half of your life in. No matter if it is right next to your bedroom or you have to travel an hour each way so as to get there in the morning and to get back in the afternoon, it is your place. And there the thing that matters the most is your work. Your one and only goal is to go there and to do everything needed so that you will cope with all your tasks in duties in a minimum amount of time and then you will be able to go home and just chill. And there is almost no sentimentalism in this room. Yeah, you have some photos in frames and you have some beautiful bits and pieces, which are arranged beautifully around the entire place, but here they are not meant to make you feel cosy. Here you need motivation and strength. And when at the end of the day, you are done with all these, the pleasure of laying on the sofa, cuddled, with a fascinating book and cup of hot of chocolate (or why not a glass of wine), would be so great that your heart would be filled with pure joy. Form more info PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING



And because of all these, you rarely pay attention to the actual condition of this room and to the desk you sit at for hours. And what you can find there are indeed piles of books and documents and pieces of papers and empty cups of coffee and even a stain from a spilled one. What you can find there are tens of pens and pencils and a complete mess. So every time you are looking for something, you are angrily doing it for hours and still not sorting everything out. So roll up your sleeves and first get rid of all those things that do not belong to this desk. And if you are wondering what is ok to stay there, these are some photo frames, a cup or something with your pens gathered and your laptop in the middle. Everything else needs to vanish.


And only after you have removed all those things that bothered you anyways, you can focus on the next, not less important part – the cleaning. I bet your desk is dusty, a lot. Because the many things you store in your office make the dust just a normal thing in the room. And as soon as you are not taking care of this place often enough, it would be more than dusty. Get a wet clout first and go through the entire surface very precisely. If your desk is made from hard wood, be careful, because a superfluous amount of water might spoil it. However, when you are done with this part get a strong and effective detergent and with it and a rag clean the desk. Thus no stain will remain in the end and it will be sparklingly clean. At the very end with a microfiber cloth perfect everything.